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Comet Architects + Interiors is a Cairo based design consultancy providing unique contemporary interiors and architectural services, we can help you to inspire new ideas for your home and a challenge with space planning or architectural extension, our role is to help you express your personal taste we offer for you

Residential Turn-Key Projects

We incorporate end-to-end processes within a project by providing all the required services to DESIGN & BUILD YOUR HOME, by managing the project from the first point of contact to handing over the keys, going through all the mediating operations & co-ordinations needed to finish your home

You Are Safe

It’s everyone’s dream to have the best residential interior design in their homes. Whatever the concept or idea that you have, we have the one stop solution for you. Our team works closely with you to create your vision from inception a unique concept is born. Our designs are always beautiful, always unique and always functional we design unique luxurious interiors in which beauty meets functionality creating comfort space

We believe that architecture should engage simultaneously through a process of discovering, discarding, analyzing, synthesizing, inventing, resolving a sense of meaning and an appreciation for ideas and this is your journey process with us

1.Understanding you need

Understanding your need and vision through a customized questionnaire then processing a site survey to make the design brief

2.Tailoring your style

Tailoring the main look and feel and the design scheme with multiple layout solutions that fits you plus mood boards to choose your design direction

3.Visualizing your home

Starting work on the visual design through fully detailed 3D simulations showing you what your home will exactly look

4.Getting ready for construction

The preparation of your home detailed drawings and specifications demonstrating you how the building is put together stating every material used

5.Budgeting & pricing

Final estimates provide the most detail and presented to you after the analysis during the initial stages of the project

6.Laying the first brick

This phase is divided into three steps (documents studies, scheduling and contracting) to reach the optimum level of a well-studied documents

7.Keeping you on track

Construction methodology must be performed by a team of engineers, technicians and foreman’s to consider every detail in the initiation phase

8.Your Home is done

Contract documents & construction phases are merged to translate into a final document to make you clear as it shows any detailed financial & technical history

Architecture strives to achieve a place of memory and joy. All materials are explored for your ability to transform space into place

Mo'men Kabil CEO